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If you want to renew your look and see yourself with a mane of 10, take note of these simple hairstyles.

We present the new range of hair products 3 in 1 Hair Food that will help you get these hairstyles that we propose. This range will take care and hydrate your hair since it has the lightness of a conditioner, the intensity of a mask and the effectiveness of treatment. Take note!

1) Root Braids

Summer screams to pick up our hair to leave our neck in the air and not spend too much heat. So that you do not pick up your hair with the simple usual ponytail, we teach you how to make some braids of root with the help of Hair Food Macadamia, the perfect mask for dry and unruly hair. Check out this tutorial to find out how to get it.

First, divide the hair in half. Then, apply the mask to nourish and comb well, then divide one of the halves again in two and make a braid of the root in each of the halves … and ready! In addition, with this mask, you can say goodbye to frizz.

2) Festive look

Take a look at that festival that awaits you with the help of the Hair Food Banana mask, its creamy formula deeply nourishes and leaves your hair soft without greasy effect! Click on the link to see all the steps in the tutorial. Anyway, we help you with the step by step:

Spread a little mask on your hands and apply it on your hair. Then get a high ponytail, wrap your hair with one of your headbands or scarves from back to front, cross the handkerchief to end up tying it back, and you ‘ll be ready to give everything to the rhythm of the music!

3) Casual look

This hairstyle tutorial will be your great ally to look great on any occasion, and even more, by the hand of Hair Food Papaya, the perfect mask to treat and repair damaged hair from the roots to the ends.

Put a small amount of mask, from lengths to ends, to untangle and facilitate combing. Then divide the top part and smoke it away. Later make a braid from the root to the neck and end up picking it up in a ponytail. That easy!

4) Bun with braids

This last hairstyle is fast and simple and in addition, you will see him in the networks. In this case, we recommend that you wear the Hair Food Banana mask.

Apply some lengths to ends, divide the hair in two and make a bun at the top. Then separate the bottom into three strands, make a braid from the bottom up with them and tie the end of the braid around the bun by fixing it with a pair of hairpins.

Dare with these 4 looks this summer and tell us which is your favorite in the comments!

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