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Curly hair, besides being a symbol of personality and strength, gives you a unique look! If you think like us and think that for you curly or wavy hair is the best option to dazzle, we present several products to define curls with which, without a doubt, you will be right and you will be delighted. If you use this range on a regular basis, you will capture thousands of looks, we are convinced!

1. Shampoo Fructis Hydra Curls

First of all, we have the Fructis Hydra Rizos shampoo to achieve a perfect and defined curly hair. With it, you will be able to revive your curls and control frizz, thanks to its fortifying active ingredients of fruits, bamboo, and siloxane. It will leave your hair soft, shiny and healthy! > Is it necessary to repeat the name of the product? Can’t we hyperlink the title?

In addition, it smells great and the smell will last in your hair! (It is one of the things that attracts most of this range).

2. Fructis Hydra Curls Conditioner

To continue with the ritual of caring for your hair, we also present the Fructis Hydra Rizos conditioner, specially designed to be one of the best products to define curls.

As in the previous case, it combines its formulas with concentrated fruit fortifying assets, bamboo extract, and siloxane, a molecule that provides body to the curls, to keep them defined and moving.

Also, the frizz effect will disappear from minute 1! Don’t tell us it’s not a product wonder?

3. Fructis Hydra Curls Fortifying Mask

To have a curly hair of 10, you just have to use the Fructis Hydra Rizos mask, ideal to keep them defined and moving! In addition, it will not leave your hair anything caked.

At Garnier, we offer you the widest range of products to define curls. Now that summer has arrived, your hair needs much more care and hydration. So, follow this care routine with these products to wear curly hair!

You just have to see the #PelazoFructis curly that Adriana Boho looks.

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