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It is always nice to know that we can turn to nature to improve our physical appearance or, rather, to complement the use of specific products for hair or skin. And it is also always a good idea, especially now with the summer, to take into account the fantastic effects of lemon on the hair.

It is very possible that you do not know it yet, but we are faced with an ingredient with multiple nutritional properties that, together with the clay, will help you enjoy and show off a careful, healthy and strong skin!

This traditional ingredient, with multiple nutritional applications, has a reputation for degreasing. Hence, it is good for the hair and not only for making home-made wicks during the summer!

Why the lemon? 3 reasons to choose it

  1. In addition to being one of the star fruits to season endless dishes, and the main ingredient of the delicious and refreshing lemonades, the lemon contains a high content of phosphorus, B vitamins, and antioxidants. This cocktail is ideal for both the exterior and the interior of your body.
  2. Likewise, thanks to these components, the effects of lemon on the hair make it possible to correctly regulate the pH of your hair, in addition to promoting healthy, strong and bright growth. In other words, lemon is your great ally for movie hair!
  3. And, wait, there’s more! In fact, of all the effects of lemon on the hair, one of the best is the one that helps you eliminate the accumulation of fat in your hair.

By the way, if you add the purifying effect of clay to lemon, you can say goodbye to greasy hair! In addition, when using lemon and clay, you will enjoy a pleasant aroma and a unique freshness. They are all advantages!

How to get these effects on my hair?

As we said at the beginning, it is great that nature provides us with ingredients so that, together with the power of specific products, you can show off the dick you’ve always dreamed of. In Garnier, we have remedies created from mixtures of the best ingredients of nature, such as the Original Remedies range of clay and lemon.

At this point, you are surely wondering if this lemon and clay extract shampoo are suitable for all hair types. The answer is a resounding yes! Although, of course, it is the perfect one to combat the always annoying oily hair, so if you suffer from this problem, make clay and lemon your new essentials in the shower!

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