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Sorry, friends, but there are different indicators that your hair is not healthy … but which one is the most visible to all? The split ends! We can say that it is the most unsightly problem and against which we want to fight day by day.

When you realize, your hair suffers more than we imagine for different reasons: abuse of the dryer, too many pigtails, improper brushing … and becomes an annoying frizz and scruffy appearance. In this situation, we look for solutions wherever there are on how to close the split ends, but we always tend to the most drastic solution and it is a good sanitizing cut !, but is it the only way to repair your hair?

Why do split ends appear?

There are many factors that influence the appearance of split ends. Most of these have to do with environmental circumstances, which cause stress on the protective layer of the hair and wear down the strands that make it up.

When this happens, the internal structure of the hair is exposed, which makes it vulnerable. What are these environmental circumstances? Other factors can be to abuse dyes (and not carry out the extra care that colored hair needs), expose your hair to high temperatures, not drinking enough water, aggressive slimming diets and using the dryer.

SOS! Your hair also sends signals that something is wrong :

  • It becomes entangled with the same ease and frequency as your music helmets.
  • The tips fade.
  • The brightness disappears.
  • And most unsightly … the dreaded white dots appear at the tips.

The truth that you should know about how to close split ends and how to prevent them

Take a breath! We know that some fear has entered you with the previous section, but in this, your tranquility will return.

To say goodbye to split ends !, The ideal is to incorporate into your beauty routines a series of actions so that your new question is “split ends? What is that?”.

Exactly, we talk about prevention and we mean that, with all the pain of your heart, you curl as much as possible the hair straighteners, as well as the dryer.

Yes, we know that it costs, that it tempts you to save time, but you can do it! You can stop damaging your hair with the high temperatures of certain devices. Remember also that, although it is best to run away from the dryer, its effects are minor if you dry your hair at a distance.

The heat of the dryer and the hair irons denature the keratin, which protects the fibers of each of your hair.

As we said at the beginning, your dear hairbands are not your allies if you want to avoid split ends. Quiet! This does not mean that you give up the collected ones, but that you continue to enjoy them, but with cloth collars.

Giving up hairdryers and rubber bands play an essential role in the fight against split ends, but there are other measures that can not be missing in your beauty routine:

  • When washing your hair use, in its right measure, soft shampoos, that is, lacking parabens.
  • Afterward, you cannot forget to apply the conditioner and leave it on for at least 3 minutes before rinsing it. It is not bad either to use oils and masks every two or three times a week.
  • When combing, the ideal is to brush from top to bottom, gently.

But … how to close the split ends? I’m afraid your mother is right and even if you fear the scissors … you have to cut! If you do not fancy a change of look, you can resort to “repair products”, such as Original Remedies Honey Treasures Tip Sealer, a special restorative for damaged and brittle hair that repairs protects and gives strength to the hair. Until never split ends!

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