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Summer is here and we are sure that you will have a thousand and one plans: swimming pool, beach, field trips, night parties, choosing the best hair dryers for travelling… In addition to taking care of the skin, you have to pay close attention to the hair, because of the interaction with harmful agents Like chlorine or sea salt, it can lose its brightness and luminosity. In this post, we give you a series of hair care tips that will make you look radiant!

In addition to the classic care, such as cutting the ends every two months and rinsing your hair with cold water, there is a secret that will make your hair never be the same as before: cream oils. While many people use them only as a conditioner, there are some without rinsing that will help you fight the ravages of summer in your hair. This product has been specially designed to give your hair dry and dull hydration and light, thanks to its combination of Moroccan argan oil and almond cream. You can try the Original Remedies Elixir de Argan Cream Oil, a miracle for your hair.

The popularization of cream oils

For a few years, cream oils have been popularized, much more comfortable and less greasy than traditional essential oils. Another element of nature that will help you take care of your hair is olive, oleaceous with abundant regenerative properties, and Garnier has used this gift of nature to create the Mythical Olive Cream Oil, which will nourish your hair intensely and repair it without cake it. The care perfect hair without wasting much time!

To finish the section of oils, we recommend the use of Wonderful Oil, the perfect remedy for dry and paid hair. Its wonderful combination will give your hair nutrition, softness, and shine. You will be the envy of your friends and the best counselor on hair care in summer!

As we all know, there is much other hair care other than oils, such as moisturizing it before going to the beach. We recommend applying a moisturizing treatment from the middle of the hair to the ends before diving into the water, and even putting it back on after each bath.

Another very effective remedy, obviously linked to oils or moisturizing masks, is to prepare the hair for the arrival of summer and clean it at the end of it. Ask your trusted hairdresser what is the most effective treatment for your hair type.

Now that you know our hair secrets, you just have to get down to work. And if you know any other remedy for hair care in summer, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to hear your proposals!

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