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Well-groomed and shiny curly hair is always synonymous with sensuality and vitality. But how do we get curls without heat and foam?

Currently, there are products that allow us to show off curly hair without resorting to harmful methods such as the use of irons and heat. From Garnier’s blog, we tell you how to achieve the perfect curls without heat and with the help of foam. It is very simple!

STEP 1: the hair, very clean!

To begin, we must remember that, first of all, you have to use the foam for curls on the hair and the CLEAN scalp.

If you wash your hair with a special shampoo for curls and, in addition, you use a special conditioner to achieve the same effect, you will get your hair to start waving by itself! which will facilitate and increase the effectiveness of the foam.

STEP 2: Dry carefully with a towel

To avoid frizzy and damaged hair, remember to dry it gently and never abruptly with a towel. The hair must be completely free of moisture to apply the foam and continue with the next step. Better, if you don’t drag the towel over your head!

STEP 3: brushed

It is advisable to use a wooden brush with wide spikes for your curly hair, as this helps prevent frizz or frizz. In any case, you have to carefully brush from the tips to the root, not the other way around!

STEP 4: apply foam

With a small amount of product, it should be enough to achieve the desired objective (of course this depends on the length of each hair).

Start by putting some foam in the palm of your hands, then spread it through the hair over the media to the tips. Repeat the process if you consider that the amount used has not been sufficient. You can also squeeze the hair with your hands when applying the foam if you want to intensify the effect and help achieve more marked curls.

We recommend the ideal foam for you to look perfect curls: the foam 5 Actions Perfect Curls of Fructis! This product acts on the 5 essential levels of our curls: definition anti-frizz, elasticity, 24H fixation, nutrition, and flawless shine. What more could you want?

Of course, it is best not to place the foam on or near the roots, as you could grease the scalp and cause an unwanted effect …

Ready! It could not be easier. So, what are you waiting for a curly, radiant and full of vitality hair?

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