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Are you tired of always looking the same? Do you want a change of look, but do not know where to start? We help you clarify! Cheer up with the pink wicks! Yes, yes, how are you reading? The pink wicks, especially in blond hair, are fashionable and there are already many celebrities and celebrities who have dared with them . Give a new air to your blonde hair!

Goodbye to fear, hello Olia Bold!

The litmus test to show that you have overcome the fear and that you are in the moment of renewing the appearance of your hair is to choose the high voltage tones of Olia Bold , the permanent Garnier coloring without ammonia with a formula enhanced by floral oils of Natural origin that improve hair quality and provide an intense color and maximum efficiency.

If in addition to risking and changing your look, you are looking to end the first gray hair, Blia hair dyes from Olia guarantee 100% coverage of them with a glamorous and vibrant color, just what you are looking for.

But beware, because not all shades admit the same color and it is preferable that we adjust to the color chart of Olia Bold … According to her, the perfect wicks for a blonde hair are those of Rose Gold 9.2, which you can apply without problem from the most neutral to the darkest blondes. On the other hand, for very light or discolored blond hair, it is best to try the Rosa Neon 7.22 hue.

The coloring, permanent and simple: step by step

  1. Chose the tone of the pink wicks for your blond hair, it is time to start with the transformation. For starters, we recommend that you have an allergy test or test 48 hours before to check that you can continue the coloring process. If it is positive, start combing your hair and untangling it and separating your hair into several pigtails to make it easier for you.
  2. Next, mix the contents of your Olia Bold dye, shake it well and apply it in mediums and tips, evenly spreading the product first up and then down.
  3. Then wait 30 minutes and rinse with water.
  4. Ah, important, to finish apply the conditioner on media and tips, rinse again and dry. You already have the wicks you wanted in your hair!

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