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Although you have not stepped on a board in your life, we teach you how to make some surf waves at home for your parties and summer festivals.

These hairstyles with waves are very easy to do and comfortable to wear, as they leave you with a natural and flattering hair. Simply with the use of irons or tongs, you will get some casual waves that will accompany your summer days without losing an ounce of glamor. Here are the steps to get this hairstyle in a simple and simple way!

STEP 1: Comb your hair, essential for defined waves!

From smooth to wavy. This is the path your hair follows thanks to surf waves. Therefore, we advise you to comb/brush your hair to get rid of any knots that may have formed.

Remember !, the best prelude to perfect surf waves is shiny, healthy, but straight hair.

STEP 2: separate the front part of the hair, with tweezers!

The surf waves are present in all areas of your hair, but to facilitate the process, the idea is to start at the front and sides to finish with the back. So, grab some tweezers and get a little pickup!

STEP 3: Take your hair down and separate it into two strands

In total, you will have to divide your hair into six strands (two on one side, two on the other and two on the back). Only six surf waves? No, because the magic of this trick is that the locks are only during the modus operandi. Then, the wavy hair is left free, which brings a large volume to your entire hair. Spectacular!

STEP 4: with tongs or irons, undulate the strands

Waves, yes. Slingshot no. How to avoid the latter? With the final Miri`s tips from Miri de Masterchef: it consists of putting the iron behind the strand, already slightly twisted, and turning the hair before making the wave in the curling iron or iron. And so with all your hair!

STEP 5: to finish, nourish and define the tips

The tongs or irons curl the hair. In addition, sun and seawater or swimming pools also damage it. Therefore, after making your surfer waves, it is best that you apply Elixir de Argan cream oil from Original Remedies on your tips. You will not believe it, it does not need clarification! and nourishes protects and brightens the hair.

And there is no better remedy to repair and treat dry hair than argan oil, better known as the liquid gold of Morocco. This millenary oil rich in Omega 6 and Vitamin E repairs the ravages that both sun rays and the heat of irons, tongs and dryers leave in our hair, in addition to preparing it so that these factors do not damage the hair.

And, you’ll be ready to wear those surf waves with a bright, nourished and perfectly protected skin! Tell us what you think about these super simple waves!

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