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The wedding season may seem endless, right? And besides, when they get together several of them at the same time something that is more common than you think happens… we get tired of repeating outfits!

If this is your case and you have got to lend you a model, but you do not know how to comb your hair to attend each link, do not despair, because you have the good fortune that wedding hairstyles for long hair there are a few … Let’s start?

An elegant pick for long hair

If you want to cause a sensation at the wedding as a guest, bet on a low pick with the loose and wavy front. These are the steps you must follow to show it off:

  1. Brush your hair well, grab a strand of the top and gently press it.
  2. Then, take two strands of the front with a generous amount of hair and comb them forward to separate them.
  3. Collect the hair that is behind in a ponytail, open a space at the birth of it (just before the catcher), and pass the ponytail through it.
  4. Go back to the front strands, roll them with your fingers and carry them back by knotting them with a transparent rubber.
  5. Join the resulting strands in the back and fasten them with hairpins.
  6. Leave a lock on the front and pass the plates to undulate them.

The braid as an ornament, a classic that does not fail

Another wedding hairstyle option if you have long hair is a side braid, simple to make and very result. Get ready to do it with these instructions!

  1. Make a line to the side and carefully braid a strand that reaches you to the other ear.
  2. Insert some strands into the braid and finish it normally.
  3. With the rest of your hair make a ponytail and roll it in a bun. You can use a comb to make it easier.
  4. Wrap the braid around the bun, so it seems that both come together and the result is very elegant.

The one collected with root braid, only for brave

Not much less! You only need to have a nourished and hydrated hair and follow a few simple steps to get this wedding classic, a root braid as a collection that will look great on you.

Before starting, we recommend washing your hair with the treatments for damaged Fructis hair, which will make you recover the softness and shine of your hair, in addition to visibly reducing split ends.

  1. Make a root braid on the top of the head.
  2. Finish with a three-strand braid and fasten it with a rubber band.
  3. Roll the braid over itself and secure it with bun hairpins.
  4. Leave a few strands on the outside to give your hairstyle a more casual touch.

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