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Many women choose the balayage wicks because they bring naturalness, illuminate and profile the face while highlighting the tone of their eyes and give that summer and fresh touch that they so desire.

But what does it consist of?

It’s about performing a subtle gradient towards a lighter shade. The root remains in its natural color and, as it reaches the ends, it is appreciated how the hair has been lightening gradually. With this, it is possible to bring a lot of light and dimension to the hair. Do you want to know how to do it? Aim!


Comb and detangle your hair very well.


Separate a part of your hair by picking it up in a bun, but leaving the front part loose.


Use a towel and gloves and mix the developer cream and color very well!


Separate the hair you have left in 3 – 4 strands. Oh, and don’t apply the dye over the chin!


Spread the tips, blur in the media and repeat the process. Advice! Leave the front strands to the end.

The best option to encourage you to take the step is the coloration Olia 110 Natural Super Brightening Blonde, as it is the perfect dye to get the balayage wicks.

This dye does not have ammonia, so it does not damage the hair and intoxicates it with a delicate floral fragrance. Its exclusive texture offers comfort to the scalp and, being creamy texture, it also acts as a hair mask. The result? A hair 3 times brighter!


Leave it on for 30 minutes. Then rinse and dry it. And … enjoy the great new look! Have you seen how easy?

Finally, we leave you a super tip. If the dye has left spots on your skin after coloring, use Micellar Water in Garnier Oil to remove them. In one pass, clean skin and also, hydrated!

Even the brunettes can wear this color since the balayage seek to lighten the hair gradually. The wide variety of shades allows you to choose a light brown, a honey tone, a blonde or even a more coppery tone. The degree of contrast will depend on you and the time you let the dye work, as well as the hue you want to apply. So do not give up the game with the lighted areas of your hair that this technique offers you!

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