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Straight hair does not have to be synonymous with a boring look, don’t forget this! Get a different look and without complicating your life!

Next, we show you 5 hairstyles for straight and long hair that will make you shine (and without highlighter, can’t you see it?). We are sure you will love it!

  1. Half crown of braids, the classic never dies!

Very simple and versatile, it works for any occasion, whether for a formal dinner or for a more casual look. You just have to hold the hair that grows from the crown from behind, make two braids with the hair that comes out of the sides of the head and join the tips at the other end bypassing them behind with the help of pins. And ready!

  1. Side braids, double or single

Braids will never go out of style. And we do not get tired of them for their versatility, simplicity, and comfort. A very quick and easy option is to make two braids on one side of the head and fasten them to the back with the help of a pin if it is preferred to leave the hair loose or join the tips with rubber if you prefer to hold it.

  1. Bows, stylization is always a must!

Perfect to achieve a more bohemian and casual look, both for day to day and to get something more arranged. Depending on the occasion, you can give it a more or less elaborate style, you choose! In any case, they are very easy to make and more in long straight hairs.

An example is the high disheveled bun, very simple to make because you only have to make a ponytail as high as possible and then curl the hair that has been loose around the rubber. 0 complications and a few centimeters of extra height!

  1. Pigtails, the simplicity that conquers!

Ponytails are a great choice for many girls. They can be those of a lifetime, or if you have tired of always wearing the same style of the pigtail, you can choose to do it on one side and down. You can combine it and make it braided or divide it into parts with the different accessories that we can find, as well as rubber bands, tweezers, etc. A whole world of possibilities before your hair!

  1. Aves, the most attractive movement!

In addition to giving another look to your hair, it will not look, as usual, the waves will give your hair a fresh and casual look, especially if you give it a smooth, surfer style wave. Quickly and easily, using the iron or tongs, you will have a new air in your hair!

And to ensure that your straight hair, even when you make waves or braids, is frizz-free, Garnier presents the Fructis Plain & Gloss range. These products have in their active formulas fortifying fruits, natural argan oil, and Phyto-keratin. What helps to protect, nourish and keep frizz from your hair!

Wear these looks this summer, forget about frizz and protect your hair!

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