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If you are one of those who are attentive to the latest trends and dare to try everything, we have your look for this summer. Do you know the Hair Tattoo? The most cutting-edge fashion for women without fear of experimenting with their hair!

Quiet! Take a deep breath, this does not mean that you shave to scratch and fill your head with tattoos, but that you decorate your hair with different shapes that simulate them. There are two main types of so-called “woman hair tattoo” and both are ideal for the change of look that your life or summer asks you at this time. You will love it!

Hair tattoo, what is this trend?

A few years ago, what was most worn were the shaved sides of the head. Cara Delevingne or Ellie Goulding were two of the celebrities who turned trendy a hairstyle that fascinated all kinds of women, both the most classic and the most revolutionary.

Past this fashion, comes another very similar, more risky, but, at the same time, something more elaborate. Known as a female hair tattoo, these haircuts are characterized by creating geometric, tribal, Hindu, floral or star-related shapes in the same hair!

Hair tattoos are seen in all their splendor very little time, since in most cases, shapes are drawn by shaving certain parts of the head, as a part of a lifetime.

Of course, so that you can wear these hair tattoos for longer, normally, hairdressers resort to cutting hair in different layers and giving different colors to each of them, from the most discreet to more striking ones, such as fantasy tones.

The best option to dye (if you dare with this trend) is to use Olia de Garnier, as it is the first color without ammonia with color-enhancing oils that will take care of your hair while giving you an original change of look. Why don’t you discover its entire range? Choose the tone that best suits you!

Types of hair tattoo for women and how to succeed with them

For those born in the nineties … Do you remember those children’s games in which you could put your doll and yourself tufts of bold colors or with bright strips?

Well, one of the types of “hair tattoo woman” looks a lot. Popularized by Kylie Jenner (Kardashian clan), it consists of adorning strands of your hair with strips of geometric or tribal-inspired drawings. They give you a magical look!

In most cases, these designs come in the form of a strip that adheres to the tufts. The top colors for this type of hair tattoo are gold and silver.

The other type of hair tattoo for women is the most widespread and is to create figures “drawing” with the razor. Yes, the edges of the drawings tend to be shaved to zero, although there is also the possibility of cutting the hair in layers so that the tattoo is visible for longer.

As you can see, this trend is super transgressive !, But also very flattering and fun. Do you dare with some groundbreaking design for this summer’s parties?

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