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From the hand of Fructis, we want to present the routine that will become your best ally to restore vitality to your hair.

Our hair is gradually damaged due to small abuses such as dyes, dryers, irons or frequent washing. All this causes the appearance of multiple factors that leave our hair without the strength, brightness, and naturalness that corresponds to it. From Garnier, we show you the Fructis Adios Damage range with which you can follow this routine that we have done for you. You will enjoy repaired, shiny and, above all, healthy hair!

1. Clean your hair

With the Fructis Adios Damages shampoo, you can repair up to 1 year of damage in just three washes. With its natural ingredients, such as amla fruit oil, which has moisturizing properties and vitamins, it will restore strength and hydration to your weakened hair.

2. Use conditioner

The second step is the application of the Fructis Adios Damage conditioner, a complementary and basic step for a total repair routine. Apply it from the root to the tips and rinse well. This product will help you repair the surface of the fiber and fill in the cracks caused by external aggressions. Like the shampoo, the conditioner combines the formula with keraphyll and the amla fruit oil.

3. The mask, a must not miss

This is the final step in your routine for damaged hair in the shower. The Fructis Adios Damas mask will be in charge of repairing and intensely cleaning your hair to the ends. Apply it well for all the hair and let it act for 3 minutes, rinse and go! We recommend using the mask between 2 or 3 times per week.

In addition, you will be helping the environment thanks to Fructis eco-friendly packaging, committed to nature, since they are fully recyclable. Don’t you think it’s a wonderful initiative?

4. Protect your hair without wetting it

Don’t cut those split ends, seal them with the SOS Repair Bye Damage Serum! This product is the ideal solution to seal the split ends. Its formula with amla fruit oil transforms the split ends into healthy-looking hair. Enhanced shine and silky hair from the roots to the ends!

On the other hand, if you have damaged and curly hair, another option is the Fructis Hydra Rizos range, since it is specially created to restore elasticity to the hair and achieve beautiful, soft, defined and controlled curls, thanks to its anti-curl effect. dryness and anti-frizz.

We offer you the best and widest range to use as a treatment to repair the external damage of your hair. Now is your time, follow this routine to wear a #PELAZOFRUCTIS!

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