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The intense red hair returns to trend and now comes the summer comes harder. What is the password? Red is a color that brightens your hair and face, even if your skin is brown. Within the different shades, you can opt for, for the summer there is nothing better like joining the trend of intense red hair!

The color and cut of your hair say a lot about you. In the case of intense red hair, it suggests that you are a determined and self-confident woman who bets on strong tones with which to express her inner strength and passion. Say YES to red!

Be captivated by the charm of intense red hair

A few years ago, red hair was not as fashionable as today. Many women decide to dye their hair this tone because it is synonymous with style and personality, in fact, many celebrities and celebrities have tried it and have decided to keep this color!

We can affirm, without any doubt, that wearing a complex redhead has become the desire of women with other shades of natural hair or with a less intense redhead.

In addition, it has always been believed that intense red hair only favored women of fair complexion (it helps them highlight their lips, eyes, and cheeks), but in reality, red hair goes with all skins!

Yes, as you read it. So, congratulations! You will not have to sacrifice your summer brunette since the red dye on the brown skin of your face not only does not look bad but will bring large doses of freshness to your expression. You will feel more alive than ever!

Intense red hair, what should you consider?

  • This color is very difficult to achieve at first … if you are not a redheaded woman.
  • The mask’s hair will become your best friend. In general, heat is the number 1 enemy of dyed hair. Luckily, there are now masks to protect your intense red hair from sun damage. In addition, the same dye causes the hair to lose nutrients, so you should also wear masks for dyed hair. With them, your hair will be healthy and shiny again! Say goodbye to straw hair!
  • At the time of washing, it is essential that you use shampoos and conditioners oriented to dyed hairs.
  • The split ends will become a great threat, which you can solve with the classic tip cutting. In addition, deep red and with short hair, you will be spectacular!
  • Say no to the dryer and towel to dry your hair. The use of both the dryer and the towel should be avoided as much as possible because they damage and dry our hair. If you were in a hurry, gently pass the towel through your hair. And be careful, never lie down with wet dyed hair because it favors the fall.
  • To have 10 hair, apply some coconut or olive oil so that your hair is nourished and absolutely shiny!

With these tips, do not hesitate ! you can enjoy for a long time an attractive, bright and nourished intense red hair. What are you waiting for to be a redhead?

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