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Lately, on the catwalks of the most international designers, their male models wear wet hair or wet look, the trend of the moment! In Garnier’s Blog, we don’t forget men. In this post, we describe a list of three wet hairstyles that will make them the main protagonists of both the office and the pre-summer party!

  1. Modern Draper Don

A classic and timeless look for any occasion: cocktails, office meals, parties, etc. To achieve this effect, you have to make a side parting, fix it with a little gel, and comb the rest of the hair down. If you are very flirtatious, request an appointment every month with your trusted hairdresser to keep this look fresh.

2. The headband is for you

Did you think the headbands were only for women? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong, many celebrities can prove it to you! This wet effect style for men, with a lot of charisma and sensuality, is very easy to achieve. With a little gel, comb the hair towards and put on a headband. Do you dare?

3. Everything backward!

Easy and simple! This is our third option to wear a wet effect hair look for men: all hair back. Do not believe it is a slightly bland alternative, nothing is further from reality!

That yes! Remember to use a jelly that does not cackle your hair a lot or, in any case, wax to mold it without problems.

Keep in mind that any chemical additives, such as gels and fixing foams, can damage your hair. Therefore, we recommend the use of nutritious masks, such as the new Hair Food range from Fructis from goji, papaya, banana or macadamia nut. All of them are 3 in 1: they are as light as a conditioner, as intensive as a mask and as effective as the best of treatments.

If you have dyed hair, the goji mask will keep your hair bright, bright and radiant. The Brazilian papaya mask helps regenerate damaged hair from day to day from the roots to the ends. The banana of Costa Rica, thanks to its creamy and soft texture, gives your hair softness and intensity without a greasy effect. Finally, the Guatemalan macadamia nut deeply nourishes unruly and dry hair and prevents frizz.

You have already seen that there are many options to be fashionable without giving up your own style. Leave everyone with their mouths open!

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